Camping Safety


Fight Bug Bites 

The most common insect bites during the summer months are caused by mosquitoes, midges, ticks, spiders, bees and wasps. Ultimately, the best way to protect yourself from all of these is to limit your skin’s exposure:

1. Cover up. Wear light-coloured clothing that covers your body, such as long-sleeved shirts and long pants - particularly when out hiking.

2. Use insect repellent when venturing into the woods or other areas where you may come into contact with insects. 

3. Avoid heavily-scented products during the summer months as they can attract insects.


Prepare safe food and water​

Camping is a fun activity until someone gets sick. That's why it's important to adopt a good food safety routine!


Figure out what foods you plan to cook in advance and research what temperatures they should be cooked at and how to store them. Make sure your jar covers are secured tightly to prevent contamination.


Invest in a good cooking stove for camping like the Piezo Cooking Stove - but remember to never use fuel-burning equipment inside a tent or camper. It can cause dangerous levels of carbon monoxide to build up.


Be Fire Safe 

When it comes to human-related causes, irresponsible use of campfires is one of the leading causes of wildland forest fires. 


The take-away message? Proper use of campfires is critical to preventing fire hazards. There are some very basic steps that we can all take towards reducing the impact of a wildfire.


  • If you’re camping, always check with local authorities on open-air burning restrictions, read up on local burning regulations, and keep up-to-date on fire bans in the relevant area.


  • Choose a campfire location that is downwind and away from your tent and belongings.  If you can, build a pit about a foot deep to help keep the campfire contained. Building a circle of rocks around the fire can inhibit the fire from spreading.  Get rid of any debris like twigs and leaves within a three-metre diameter area around the campfire site.


  • Build your fire at least three metres away from standing trees, stumps and logs, and at least 15 metres away from forest debris and buildings.


Be Bear Aware 

When you are out in the woods, you are in animal territory. This means there is a chance you may come in contact with bears. Although bears are fascinating animals, it's important to remember that you should never approach one.

Bears have a strong sense of smell, so be sure to remove all of the food from your campsite at night and do not sleep in the clothes you cooked in. 

If you go for a walk in the woods make lots of noise and take bear spray with you. If you encounter a bear, stay calm. Make yourself look big, calmly talk to it and back away. Do not run. If attacked, fight back. Aim for the head and eyes! 

Get there safely

Car Maintenance is key. Summer weather can be hard on your mechanical equipment so make sure everything is tickety-boo before even thinking about a road trip. And while you’re at it, make sure that your AC is in fine form; otherwise your friends and family might never forgive you.

It’s imperative that you’re well rested before hitting the open road. Sleepy drivers become frazzled and less attentive much faster than those who got to bed on time the night before.


Emergency Preparedness. Make sure to always have lots of water, a complete first-aid kit and a flashlight (in case you break down at night). Have a cell phone charger for your car, in case of emergencies.

Pay attention to changing weather

In order to have a successful camping trip, you need to keep an eye on changing weather and plan ahead!

To prepare for hot and sunny days, pack loose fitting, lightweight and light-coloured clothing. This will help keep your body cool. Pack lots of water to keep hydrated, sunscreen to prevent burns, and some aloe vera in case you do end up getting a sunburn. 

Bring rain gear with you, make sure your tent is waterproof and pack enough blankets for those cool nights.

If a storm is approaching, it's best to keep your family safe and stay home.